Very demanding Skills to acquire as an immigrant

Canada offers a multitude of opportunities in a range of highly skilled and well-paying jobs. Immigration is vital to the Canadian economy because it addresses the labour shortage. The Canadian government has issued different categories of visas to meet different immigration objectives, in particular, the accelerated immigration process for highly skilled foreign workers.

Each year, thousands of visas are issued to economic immigrants whose expertise has a positive influence on the Canadian economy. Canada’s friendly immigration policy is attractive to thousands of immigrants seeking a better quality of life.

There are different ways to migrate to Canada as a skilled worker, including Express Entry, Provincial Nominee Program and Quebec Selection Program.

The most important requirement for qualification is to have one or more skills requested, you may be sponsored by a Canadian employer or government agency.

Cardiology technologist: Due to a large number of ageing people, there is a high demand for a cardiology technologist in Canada. A large number of job openings is largely found in health care and social assistance. You must be a registered member of the Canadian Society of Cardiology Technologists to work as a cardiology technologist in Canada, except Quebec.

Cardiology technologists can earn about $ 44.27 an hour, which is the highest hourly rate in Calgary, while the lowest average hourly rate for a cardiologist is $ 20.85 an hour. in Halifax.

Salary ranges:

Per hour: CAD $ 20.45 – CAD $ 33.75
Annually: CAD $ 43.54 – CAD $ 469.70


An engineering career is constantly on the list of eligible professions trained by the federal government, for example in construction management. The professions/skills listed are all in favour of the list of required employees which are rare. Salaries may vary between different sectors and different regions of Canada.

Salary ranges:

Chemical Engineer:

Per hour: CA $ 12.96 – CA $ 57.81
Annually: $ 45,128 – $ 102,323

Mining engineer/geologist:

Per hour: CA $ 39.04
Annually: $ 56,575 – $ 124,764

Petroleum engineer:

Per hour: CA $ 50.08
Annually: CA $ 63,421 – CA $ 232,240

Aerospace engineer:

Per hour: CA $ 17.00 – CA $ 47.92
Annually: CA $ 49,248 – CA $ 111,006


Land surveyors are in great demand in Canada and should remain so; immigrants with the required skills will remain in high demand across Canada. The roles of land surveyors are available across Canada and offer a wide range of choices. Opportunities exist in most parts of Canada, both urban and rural, making this career one of the most sought-after skills in Canada.

Salary ranges:

Per hour: CA $ 17.72 – CA $ 36.44
Annually: $ 38,185 – $ 108,065


Emotional, mental disorders and occupational risks are dealt with, among others, by the occupational therapist in the workplace, helping employees to adjust, maintain and improve their self-care skills.

Employment opportunities for occupational therapists are found throughout the public and private sectors. The work environment includes health facilities, hospitals, schools and social services.

Salary ranges:

Per hour: CA $ 27.89 – CA $ 48.27
Annually: CA $ 47.52 – CA $ 81.79


Immigrant skilled overseas with precision and the ability to adhere to the process is an important requirement. Job opportunities for laboratory technicians are available in the private and public sectors, including private laboratories, large hospitals, community clinics, university research facilities and biotechnology companies, etc. The roles can be demanding and variable, and the career offers the possibility of working in any region of Canada and the relatively good possibilities of promotion at the management level.

Wage scale:

Per hour: CA $ 13.04 – CA $ 28.01
Annually: CA $ 26.78 – CA $ 60.52

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