Unique Things You Must Know to Work Temporarily in Canada

Temporary work in Canada can be a gateway to a permanent resident or simply a way to earn a little more money or do something else. Each year, 150,000 employees from other countries come to Canada to compensate for a shortage of skilled labour or even to work as caregivers.

1. Work Permit Is Not Permanent

It is important to remember that obtaining a work permit does not mean that you can live permanently in Canada, for this, you must register in an immigration category. However, it is important to note that a work permit could be your first step in the Canadian labour market. There are also exceptions for resident health care providers who may remain in Canada permanently, provided they meet the eligibility criteria.

1. Employer to Determine Eligibility

The person you want to hire must make sure that she can have someone from outside Canada perform the tasks she has assigned to you. Some jobs require human resources labour market advice, while others require only a work permit. For more information on eligibility, you will find a complete list of occupations that do not require labour market advice on the Immigration Canada website.

3. Spouse and Children

To come to Canada with you, your partner and your children must register for this. They must meet the conditions to become a temporary resident. The immigration officer will also ask them questions to make sure they intend to stay in Canada temporarily. Family members may be asked to complete a criminal record check and provide proof that they are family members of you; this includes marriage or birth certificates. If they want to work here, they must also apply for a temporary open work permit to find a job almost anywhere in the country.

2. Other Requirements

There is a list of general requirements that a person must meet when entering and staying in the country for some time. These are general terms and conditions during your visit to Canada and are in addition to the conditions you must meet to work in Canada. To enter Canada, you need a passport, you must be in good health, and have enough money for your stay. Immigration officers may also ask other questions to determine if you are eligible to enter the country.

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