Top 10 Reasons to Visit Prince Edward Island in Charlottetown

Anyone who lives in PEI or has been lucky enough to free the coast knows that there are endless reasons to visit the island. Whether you are an ‘Anne of Green Gables’ fan, an avid golfer or just want to relax in a serene, rural setting, there is something for everyone on Prince Edward Island. Every day is glorious on this picturesque island. Below are the Reason to visit Prince Edward Island

1. Island paradise

Prince Edward Island is an island paradise – an oasis of green. With its rolling hills, agricultural landscape, sandy beaches, and red sandstone, the province never ceases to surprise the senses. Prince Edward Island offers beautiful beaches, numerous outdoor activities, intriguing museums, fun festivals, 10 of the top 100 golf courses in Canada and more.

2. Natural beauty

The natural beauty of the island will enchant you at first sight. The green hills, white sandy beaches, and red sandstone provide that perfect contrast and create a beautiful environment. From spectacular sunrises to glorious sunsets, every day on the island is pure perfection.

3. Romantic getaway

Although thousands of tourists visit annually, there is always a secluded beach to explore on this charming island. This small province is an intimate location – perfect for that romantic getaway. With endless beaches, picturesque scenery and ocean views, Prince Edward Island offers a romantic retreat for every couple.

4. Island Bounty

Dining is always a pleasure on Prince Edward Island. With an abundance of seafood, fresh produce and the famous potato, visitors can enjoy the flavours and tastes of this abundant island. From fresh lobster to local vegetables, everything tastes better in this ‘clean and green’ environment.

5. Anne of green facades

The province is a must for fans of Anne of Green Gables. Prince Edward Island author, Lucy Maud Montgomery, captured the island’s magic in the novel – Anne of Green Gables. ‘Everything Anne’ is celebrated in Canada’s smallest province.

6. lighthouses

If you like lighthouses, Prince Edward Island is the place to explore and learn more about your passion. The island has more than 50 lighthouses. Some lighthouses even welcome visitors for overnight stays.

7. Hidden treasures

The island has various historical sites and interesting museums that honour the past of the island and its people. Yet these sites do not harbour the only treasures of the island. Some of the best-hidden treasures of the province are ‘off the beaten track’. As you explore the Prince Edward Island inland roads, you’ll find quaint spots, unique artisans and beautiful views.

8. Playground

With its open spaces and its magical attraction, the island lends itself naturally to a children’s playground. Whether they build sandcastles or run through green fields, children enjoy the freedom of this pastoral paradise. The island also has countless fun activities, events, and attractions for every child.

9. Family vacation

The island is a fantastic place to spend a family vacation. Mom, dad, and children will have a pleasant and unforgettable time in this beautiful province. They can attend the island’s festivals or simply have their own fun with a beach picnic or campfire under a starry sky. Families can choose from comfortable and affordable PEI houses and hotels.

10. The people

The people of Prince Edward Island make the province one of the most popular tourist destinations on earth. The island is a reflection of the people – friendly and lively with a gentle heart. PEI – the ‘Gentle Island’ – is a gem of a province.

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