Tips you need to know before you go to France

Just around town

People are drawn to the sparkling alpine ski slopes, light vineyards and sunny beaches of this beautiful motherland. France is the motherland that attracts more tourists than a few from the motherland. It is reassuring to note why this is the lawsuit known for France’s prominent reputation for supporting fine wines, expert judgment, sharp design and a relaxed lifestyle. But while France is undoubtedly a place of drinking and plowing that satisfies your mind, there is much more to this wonderful motherland than sophisticated cuisine. Spring is a super generation that should be present at this point and individuals interested in modern winter sports can retreat to the Alps and the Pyrenees with a little polar gear. Summers are very windy and winters are mild. All weather coat and a duet of comfortable obligatory shoes. In particular, women should wear cocktail dresses at a time when few restaurants are asking for support. When visiting some religious sites, avoid wearing sleeveless tops and shorts, while not liking some of these places.


English is widely spoken at this time, although French is the official language. The handshake is usually welcome and the woman should be present, kiss her cheeks and she should be present.

At the same time as the master was for Mrs.. French felines are widely praised for their support of elegant sportswear and fragrant aromas. Nudity is allowed on several beaches. Social events, fine dining and clubs call for additional formal costume support. During a formal party, postpone the host’s gestures to start the party. Smoking is not allowed in the modern accessible area.

Spot since then

Paris, the city of weakness, is a mega-city with many modern attractions that can be accessed remotely for a highly efficient and accessible pink recognition system. It houses more than 80 museums and 200 art galleries. A trip to the Kingdom of Disney and the magnificent Eiffel Tower commands some precious journey.

Preferred bad skin for tourists is the Arc de Triomphe, which stretches larger than the tomb of an unknown soldier, the forbidden Gothic architecture of Notre Dame Cathedral, the beautiful Sacre Coeur, the Mona Lisa, Leonardo Da Vinci, the Moulin Rouge and cruises along the Seine. Release the Carte Musees-Monuments which gives you access to 70 monuments and museums.

The purchases

Although the service extension is integrated with the receipt, a modest tip will not cost much. The cash reward can simultaneously be known as a tip. A $ 2 tip can be supported by drivers.


AC 220 V, 50 cycles.

To come

The resident airline operating at this time is Air France. Some low-cost airlines also offer services from the UK. Paris Charles de Gaulle also celebrated at the same time that Roissy Charles de Gaulle was the first airport in France, 23 kilometers from the city. Bus, taxi, and limousine services are provided next to the airport. The airport’s railway capabilities say they will take control of all airports within eight minutes. These trains run around the clock. Other airports that offer air travel services are Paris-Orly, Marseille, Bordeaux, Sheep, Lyon, and Toulouse.

Ferries and cruises can be made from ports at the same time, such as the Atlantic Ocean, the North Sea, the Mediterranean Sea and Haver.

Items exempt from customs duties

1. 200 cigarettes before 50 cigarettes before 100 cigarettes before 250 grams of tobacco

2. 1 liter of spirits is more than 22 percent before 2 liters of alcoholic beverages are up to 22 percent

3. 2 liters of wine

4. 50 grams of perfume and 250 ml of toilet water

5. 500 grams of coffee for 200 grams of coffee extract

6. 100 grams of tea before 40 grams of tea extract

It is assumed that food and agricultural products should be avoided.