Study German Abroad – How to Make the most of Your Language Study Holiday

Going on vacation to study languages ​​is one of the most exciting and rewarding vacations I can imagine. Also, it is the most effective way to learn German. To make sure you get the most out of your study vacation, you need to take some important steps. Because you spend a lot of money travelling to Germany, it makes sense to do it right.

1.  Choose a good school

Do your research before choosing a language school. You must first decide which city you want to go to, then limit your choices. The school you choose must be well located and easily accessible from your accommodation. You will also want to think about the school’s reputation for teaching, as well as their flexibility regarding study options.

2. Choose the right accommodation

Your choice of accommodation is also important. Some students will appreciate a host family so that they can get to know German culture, and practice German with your host family. However, this option will not appeal to everyone, and you may prefer to organize your private accommodation in a beautiful apartment.

3. Going to school

Some language schools offer you the choice between private lessons, at school or in your accommodation. If you choose home lessons, it may be very insulating. Once the lessons are over, you are alone, and it can be quite lonely for some. By following the language school, on the other hand, you are immediately introduced to many other students from around the world. Most students are in a similar situation to you and will enjoy spending time with other students. It’s a great way to make new friends in a strange city, and it will make your study vacation much more memorable and enjoyable.

4. Make sure the student/teacher ratio is low

The school assesses your skill level upon arrival and places you in a class with students of a comparable level. That’s great, except that you won’t all be on the same level. So you have to make sure that the class is not too big or that you are progressing slowly. Private lessons are also a good option for those who can afford it.

5. Balance your day

You will notice that the lessons are intensive as you learn an incredible amount of new information. Your mind needs time to digest everything, and you also want time to relax and enjoy the city. On the other hand, an insufficient number of teaching hours will not help either. A happy medium may have lasted a total of 3 hours each morning. Then you can have the afternoon to explore the city.

6. Get out of your comfort zone

In your spare time, you should force yourself to speak German at all times. Use what you have learned by speaking German in restaurants, cafes and shops. For the more adventurous, go to local bars and social places and make new friends!

7. Do a review every night

Make a rule at some point in your free time to do a daily review. This is what sets the best students apart from the rest, as this additional revision keeps the new concepts you learn in class. It’s a balancing act, and sometimes you’re just too tired to do it, but remember you’ve come this far to learn German.

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