Some Facts about the Basics Attractions and Events in Basel {Switzerland}

Basel is the third most populous city in Switzerland. It is located in that part of Switzerland where it meets the borders of Germany and France. Basel is the second-largest urban area in Switzerland. Located in the northwest of the Rhine, it is an important industrial center for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry.

The region of Basel is culturally extended to Germany and France shows the cultural heritage of all three countries. Basel is one of the most important cultural centers in Switzerland. The city has a large number of theaters and many museums, including the Museum of Fine Arts, where the world’s oldest art collection is open to the public. Basel Theater was chosen in 1999 as the best stage for German-language performances.


Due to the existence of high-quality transport infrastructure, Basel is the most important logistics center for Switzerland. The excellent location benefits logistics companies, which operate worldwide from here.


Basel is the only freight port in Switzerland through which goods are transported by the navigable stretches of the Rhine and which connect further to the ships going to the ocean to reach the port of Rotterdam.


Euro Airport Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg is operated and managed by 2 countries, France and Switzerland. Contrary to popular belief, this airport is entirely on French soil. The airport is divided into two parts that differ architecturally. One half serves the French side and the other half the Swiss side; there was a customs point in the middle of the airport for people to “emigrate” to the other side of the airport.


Basel has a long history of its railway junction. Three stations, each belonging to the networks of France, Germany, and Switzerland, actually converge in the same complex separated by customs and immigration services. The new high-speed ICE railway from Karlsruhe to Basel has started and the eastern TGV-Est. The line has reduced the travel time from Basel to Paris to 3.5 hours.

Must See Basel Attractions and Events in Switzerland

Beyeler Foundation shows many of the modern paintings. The foundation has the largest private collection of art from Switzerland. This display shows the stunning work of Monet, Picasso, and Giacometti. Bronze figures, paintings, and sculptures are all part of this show.

The Jean Tinguely Museum is dedicated to one of the best sculptors in Switzerland. More than seventy mechanical sculptures, spanning forty years of work, are exhibited in this museum. Drawings, documents, and writings are used to show the sculptor’s evolution. The museum is designed to accentuate the works of this great artist. The building is an example of great architecture from that period.

Zoologischer Garten Basel was built in 1874 and is home to one of the best zoos in the world. Many endangered species can be found in this zoo that covers over twenty-six acres of land. A large number of animals perform every day, from elephants to sea lions. You can also see reptiles and penguins every day.

Munster Cathedral is a huge sandstone building that towers over the city and was built in 1019. After being destroyed by an earthquake, it was rebuilt to reflect the Romanesque and Gothic lines. It has yellow and green tiles that richly decorate the roof with a facade that shows prophets and virgins. No visit to this site would be complete without a look at the breathtaking view of the towers. From the towers, you have a great panoramic view of the city.

Museum of Contemporary Art is one of the largest leading museums of artists from the 1960s to the present. Joseph Beuys, Jonathan Borofsky, Donald Judd and Richard Long are just some of the artists on this show.

Kunsthalle shows the experimental works of the contemporary artist. Many of the best works of classical modern art and abstract expressionism.

Events in Basel

Basel Museum Night is an annual event in January, where the city’s cultural institutions remain open late into the night, allowing everyone to enjoy the city’s unique museums and other cultural exhibitions. Transportation and admission are free all night.

The Basel Carnival kicks off every March, and the entire city is lit only in torches. All electricity has been extinguished and the city is flooded with the flames of the torches that line the streets.

Baselworld is a special event featuring some of the world’s best watches in the world.

With Art Basel, art lovers from all over the world can enjoy the world’s best art show. Every year over sixty thousand people show up to see all different types of art, from modern to contemporary. Paintings, photography, music performances, audiovisual multimedia, and video are all used to show this work.

Basel Tattoo shows great music from bass brands, bagpipes and folklore dances. You can enjoy the parade as it winds through the city streets

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