Immigration to Afghanistan and explore the best jobs Sector in Afghanistan

Jobs in Afghanistan can be “hot” on many levels. For example, in July, parts of the country experience high temperatures of 95 degrees Fahrenheit. But if you also want to meet the challenge of working in a war zone, contractor jobs in Afghanistan are the jobs for you. Here are some of the best entrepreneurial jobs in the country:

1. Air Traffic Controller (ATC)

These jobs are especially hot in Afghanistan, where air traffic controller certification has been a major problem in the past. If securing your ATC towers is critical, managing them is also crucial. Consequently, the demand for ATC certified workers is very high in Afghanistan.

2. Agriculture

Food becomes a particularly crucial commodity in wartime. As a result, agricultural jobs have become particularly hot in Afghanistan. These jobs may relate to agriculture, animal husbandry, poultry, etc. Many contractual jobs in Afghanistan are available for civilians. Over 40% of Afghans live on $ 1 a day, so producing affordable food is critical to the country’s well-being.

3. Construction

Due to the ongoing war in Afghanistan, the construction sector has become particularly profitable. This includes the construction of buildings, roads, bridges, etc. Some of the hottest jobs in Afghanistan for foreign entrepreneurs include those in consulting and supervisory positions. These positions are critical to improving the company’s infrastructure during wartime.

4. Education

Educating a country’s people should always be a priority, and this includes in times of war. It is interesting to note that the education of women in Afghanistan has increased dramatically since the United States invaded the country in 2001. Before the invasion, a small number of girls received education in the country. However, today more than 2.5 million girls receive formal education in schools. However, the illiteracy rate among women is still 30% higher than that of men. This statistic highlights the continuing need to improve women’s education.

5. Engineering

Civil engineering jobs are particularly hot in Afghanistan, as the country plans to build buildings, roads, and bridges. The demand for subcontractors to fill the positions of consultant engineers is especially high because the design of these structures is critical.

6. The law

A wide range of contract law enforcement and security services jobs are currently available in Afghanistan. The ongoing war made maintaining public order particularly important. The types of legal jobs available vary from coaches and linguists to security officers and country directors. All of these jobs are necessary to help maintain Afghanistan’s security and independence.

7. Sanitation

Various jobs in contracted sanitation are also available in Afghanistan. This includes a wide range of jobs, such as water and wastewater engineers. Sanitation is a critical component in maintaining the health of the citizens of a country. This goal has acquired great importance in Afghanistan, as the war has made the living environment for Afghans very difficult. Contract sanitation jobs can help improve sanitation in Afghan cities.