Immigrate to Canada and Discover the Ways of Getting a Permanent Resident Card in Canada

Canada is one of the most popular countries to live in according to the latest polls. With thousands of jobs on the way, the vast scenery that has become a significant tourist attraction, booming cities and a multicultural community makes it an exciting place to live. A quarter of a million people migrate to Canada every year from different locations around the world. Now, the first step to becoming a Canadian citizen is obtaining a permanent residency status (you will get a PR card as proof of your PR case), and there are several ways to qualify. They are as follows:

1. Skilled workers and professionals

2. Skilled workers and professionals in Quebec

3. Canadian Experience category

4. Investors, business people and self-employed

5. Regional candidates

6. Take care of your family

7. Marriage to a Canadian citizen

Under the following categories/programs, any eligible person can apply for Canadian citizenship through Citizenship and Immigration Canada or CIC. In almost all applications, a person must live and work in Canada for at least two years before applying for permanent residence. It helps the government evaluate you whether you are fit or inappropriate to join their company and the contribution you can make. Once you have obtained a PR card, you will be required to stay in Canada for another three years to meet citizenship requirements for five years; then you will be granted citizenship by CIC.

Being permanent in Canada allows you to take advantage of specific benefits, especially the right to social benefits (for you and your family as well). You also have the right to live, work or study anywhere in Canada, and ultimately apply for citizenship and protection under Canadian laws. The only difference between someone with an RP status and a Canadian citizen is that you cannot vote and are not allowed to take up positions that require high-security clearance from the Canadian government.

Failure to meet the requirements to be a permanent resident of Canada will cancel your PR case. Likewise, if you are convicted of a serious crime, you will lose your permanent residence status and be returned to your country immediately.

Hundreds of thousands of foreigners have benefited from Canadian immigration programs, and because of this, Canada has many subcultures that have been adapted by immigrants from different countries. Somehow, Canadians also benefited from these immigrants not only in the services they provided but also in cultural exchange. For example, it has recently been reported that Asian immigrants are promoting a healthy lifestyle that most Canadians are beginning to accept in their lives as well. Aside from the usual things commonly expected in Canada once you become permanent resident, the sidelines include pockets of cultures that can be found in most places in Canada.