How to Plan Your Career – The Best Career Planning Strategies

Planning your career is not something you do once in your life, but a continuous activity that you must do regularly at different stages of your career. Today’s professionals are constantly changing careers and must keep up with the latest news about employment and career trends.

1. Be clear about your career goals and objectives

Develop a clear path for your career and establish a very specific set of career goals and objectives. Your goals must be realistic and achievable and must be a combination of short and long term goals. Continue to review and adjust your goals based on current reality and set new ones once the previous ones have been achieved.

2. Create your own career opportunities

As a professional, you have to create self-career opportunities. Learn new marketable skills and have your own sales proposition. To achieve this, they must keep abreast of the latest news about employment and rapid changes in the labour market.

3. Look beyond job titles

For most people, a career is built around a succession of job titles, one succeeding the other. This approach may have worked in the past, but today, job titles are no longer relevant. Today’s tasks require a set of specific skills. Thus, your career planning should focus on acquiring or developing specific skills, not necessarily on how to move from one position to another.

4. Plan your career once every year

Make career planning something you do regularly. At the beginning of each year, spend a whole weekend planning career. Make sure you are not distracted and have plenty of time to focus on what you want in your life and career. Trace your career path since the last time you planned your career. Take the time to evaluate and reflect on your career so far. Ask yourself if you are satisfied with the direction taken and if you need a change. Is there anything you could have done differently or better? Be objective with your analysis.

5. Take a good, hard look at your hobbies and pastimes

What are the things you like to do when you’re not working, do not go to school or college? Do you have great skills with Photoshop? Why not turn your hobby into a career. Did you know that today there is a strong demand for talented website designers, logo designers or graphic designers? Many of us consider different skills as a hobby in the market.

6. Make a list of your biggest likes and dislikes about your career

Change is constant in life. Things are constantly changing, as are our likes and dislikes. Make a list of what you like the most about your work and what you do not like. Be honest with yourself. Do you even like your work? So you are on the right track. If you do not like your work and feel bad, it’s probably time to change careers.

7. Keep learning

Learn and always try to learn new things. It’s impossible to say when a new chance may come up because of the new things you’ve learned marketable skills. Stay informed about technological changes in your field.

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