Discover the factors determining independent immigration to Canada

People are always looking for a change in lifestyle, environment, work, etc. In search of this change, we are often attracted by the transition to countries that offer us better opportunities to improve our lives and our financial situation and increase our purchasing power. Countries like Australia, United States, New Zealand, and Canada offer high immigration and citizenship opportunities for this country, as well as opportunities that will give you a better lifestyle.

Canada is an open country for legal immigrants and is a popular destination among those looking to immigrate to another country from the state in which they were born. Canada is very supportive of its vast area of ​​9,900,000 square kilometers and its population of approximately 96 million. The government is stable, the society is democratic, and its industrial and agricultural record makes it the seventh developed country in the world. This gives many possibilities to people who immigrated to Canada in their minds.

The independent immigration system depends on the points system, where one can check as well as the need to achieve the number of points required for legal migration to the country of Canada. As of 2003, the required score increased from 75 to 67. If you live in the United Kingdom, your score will be reduced by 67 points. Points are reduced to attract skilled workers to the country. The Independent Immigration System category is one of the most popular categories that people choose when they want to emigrate to Canada. The Canadian government has attempted to implement a point reduction in 2002 itself ever since, and its main goal was to have 10,000 cases outstanding already. If a person scores at least 67 points, they can prove themselves in Canada.

There are some point-based factors.

1. Education up to a maximum of 25 points, if a person obtains a doctorate or master’s degree or up to 17 years full-time or the equivalent and holds the 25 points. The lowest points are 12 and apply if one has completed a one-year diploma, apprenticeship, or business certificate in commerce and has a minimum of 12 years or equivalent in studies.

2. The second factor is the ability to achieve the knowledge of English and French and has a maximum score of 24 points if you are fluent in both languages. Sixteen points can be obtained if they know the primary official language and 8 points if they know the second language.

3. The third factor is work experience, and you can get a maximum of 21 points. The primary qualifications are that one needs at least one year of full-time work experience in 10 years as a manager, skilled profession, or another known profession.

4. The age factor contains 10 points and applies if you are between 21 and 49 years old.

5. Managed work has 10 points, for example, if a job is offered by HRDC (HRD Canada).

6. The adaptability is 10 points, when your accompanying partner, for example, meets a husband or a wife with certain levels of education, and they were educated in Canada, if they worked, worked in an extended family or s were arranged to work in the country.