As a Photographer, Here are The Top 5 High Tech Cameras to Watch

The camera is one of the most important devices you need to capture memorable moments and bring them to life. Whether it’s a birthday, a vacation trip or any other occasion, the first thing you need is a camera to take great pictures and videos. With so many cameras available, it can be difficult to choose the right one that fits your needs and your budget.

1. Canon EOS 80 D

Canon is one of the leading brands when we talk about quality cameras. The Canon EOS 80 D is a responsive, versatile and powerful camera that brings your creativity to life. It has low light, street photos, travel, sports and portrait, as well as movies. With 24.2 megapixels, it guarantees the recording of high-quality images and films.
The Canon EOS 80 D comes with the Dual Pixel AF CMOS which allows you to enjoy continuous and smooth focus while recording live video. Flicker detection ensures stable exposure and colour when shooting regular shots under twinkling lights.

2. Nikon Z7- Mirror-less Reinvented Camera

Another top camera on the list is Nikon Z7. Awarded as a high-end camera of the year 2018, it’s more than just a camera without a mirror. This advanced Nikon camera brings the vision to life and comes with a revolutionary full-frame lens mount and a lightweight mirror-free design. It is designed with a 45.7 MP image sensor and seamless integration with the Nikon DSLR system. The eye sensor automatically switches between the monitor and the viewfinder of the screen. Interchangeable lenses are a plus.

3. Fujifilm X- T3- An Unbeatable Performance Cam

If you are looking for the best camera brands available, you should not miss FujiFilm. The new X-T3 looks like the Fujifilm X-T2, but with advanced and improved features. The improved autofocus, the new sensor and the video performance make it unique.
The camera is excellent when it comes to the best video/photo hybrids on the market. Functions such as the viewfinder, autofocus, video recording and more can leave everyone amazed by its performance. Along with that, it has X-Trans CMOS 4 and X-Processor 4, a weather-resistant structure and a 4K / 60P 10-bit recording. The 26.1 megapixels are excellent for recording movies and taking pictures.

4. Panasonic LX100 11

Panasonic LX 100 11 is one of the bright and long-awaited compact cameras with great features such as speed for sports photographers, resolution for commercial photographers and more. Other specifications include 4k video recording, high-speed AF in about 0.10 seconds, a 3.0-inch LCD touch screen with the 1240k-point resolution, USB charging and Wi-Fi connectivity. Built-in Bluetooth and more.

5. Canon EOS 6D 11- A Benchmark DSLR with Small full-frame

The EOS 6D 11 is a perfect treat for portrait and landscape photography. The full-frame sensor captures temporary expressions at 6.5 frames/second. Even when shooting landscapes, the 26.2 MP sensor captures images with a clear and realistic depth. It is known as one of the largest pentaprism-view cameras that provides a clear picture, which allows you to take more impulsive shots.
Whether you like shooting at low angles or even over terrain, the easy to rotate and rotate Vari-Angles screen is an excellent feature to explore.

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